After over two years teaching in South Korea David and I returned to the UK but after ten months we decided we missed South Korea and here we are once again... teaching, exploring and LOVING living in Changnyeong, Gyeongsang nam-do.

안녕하세요, 행복한 독서! Hello, happy reading!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Weekend

For our first weekend in South Korea we went into Daegu. We done some shopping, got some food and then some beers! :) We ended the evening in a classy love motel as we missed our last bus out of Daegu. (On purpose!)

On Saturday evening we went back to our apartments in Changnyeong and had a BBQ on our roof, with the other staff from school. This was a great evening. We may have had a little to much to drink but worst things have happened!

The next day David and I went on a 10KM walk! We walked through Changyeong to the South base of Hwang mountain. This was a beautiful walk as I have never seen this side of Changnyeong before. We walked past a huge reservoir, quirky Korean houses, numerous paddy fields, pretty temples and many cute insects and not so cute giant spiders!

When we reached the base of the mountain we decided to walk to Gwallyonga Temple and the seated Buddha. The view from the top was beautiful. When we arrived at the Buddha there were many people meditating. David and I thought it was appropriate to join in...very relaxing!

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