After over two years teaching in South Korea David and I returned to the UK but after ten months we decided we missed South Korea and here we are once again... teaching, exploring and LOVING living in Changnyeong, Gyeongsang nam-do.

안녕하세요, 행복한 독서! Hello, happy reading!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Olympics London 2012

I am outside of the UK for yet another significant social event, the Olympics. I guess I can't complain as it is my choice. It's just that seeing all of the action in the media makes me extremely home sick!

The Olympic closing ceremony was on Sunday and the athletes victory parade was held yesterday. Over one million people filled the streets of London to get a glimpse of the 750 members of the Team GB and Paralympic GB athletes. 

Team GB and Paralympic GB won a total of 65 medals, including 29 Gold, 17 Silver and 19 Bronze. I of course enjoyed watching Taekwondo as well as the Gymnastics and Hockey.
Jade Jones won Gold
Lutalo Muhammad won Bronze
Louis Smith won Silver
Max Whitlock won Bronze
Elizabeth Tweedle won Bronze
Women's Hockey won Bronze
South Korea also done extremely well and I have been just as much interested in Team Korea  as I have Team GB. Team Korea won a totel of 28 medals in total, including 13 Gold, 8 Silver and 7 Bronze. Archery is extremely popular in Korea. It was the one that my students talked about constantly.
Oh Jin Hyek won Gold
Ki Bo Bae won Gold
Women's team won Gold
Men's team won Silver
Hwang Kyung Seon won Gold
Lee Dae Hoon won Silver
Yang Hak Seon won Gold
Major events such as this gives you a reason to feel patriotic and proud of your country. (The country you are from or another country you feel you have connections too) Growing up in the UK I feel that I haven't had a lot of chances to feel patriotic, well not as much as I would like to! Let's hope I can make it to Rio 2016!